Things You Should Know Before Falling In Love With An Aries

Above all zodiac signs, relationships can be confusing with an Aries. They are known as the “fiery sign,” the one people should be careful around. What most people don’t know is how loving they can be as well. However, dating an Aries isn’t for everyone and there are a couple things you should know before loving one. Here are 5 things you should know before falling in love with an Aries;

We Love Hard, Like Too Hard

As an Aries, I know this one too well. We love hard, passion, and devotion flow through our veins never-ending. If you love an Aries, consider them a keeper, someone that will never betray your trust. An Aries is loyal, and if they love you, they’ll stay. Don’t fall in love with an Aries if you’re looking for a casual fling; we put in our all and hand over our fragile hearts quickly. Only date an Aries if you’re looking for a real commitment, a forever love. 

An Aries Wants An Assertive Partner 

We want assertive partners because we are very much bold ourselves. We want someone who matches our energy and excitement level. Dating an Aries means you’ll need to be decisive and make decisions on your own. There’s nothing less attractive to an Aries than not choosing the date location or not knowing what you want to eat for dinner. 

We Have A Pretty Big Temper 

We’re impatient and maybe a tad impulsive. We say things we don’t mean and have a difficult time recognizing when we’re wrong. An Aries hates bullshit above all things and wants their partner to be straightforward, just as they are. Yes, everything you’ve heard about an Aries is true, were the “scary sign,” the one you don’t want on your bad side. But were also lovable sweethearts. That’s the thing about loving an Aries. It’s a bittersweet romance, filled with ups and downs, heated discussions, but also the most beautiful memories. Were like sour patch kids, sour and then sweet. And c’mon, who doesn’t love those?

An Aries Knows How To Have Fun 

Loving an Aries is like being back in the good old days, running around at five years old on an all-time sugar high; They always know how to have fun. It can be tiring, though, and it’s not for everyone; continually going on adventures, not having many days to rest. Before falling in love with Aries, make sure you’re up for the challenge. Maybe stash a couple of 5-Hour Energy drinks in your back pocket just in case. 

We Expect A Storytelling Romance

Going back to the first point, most Aries crave romance; it’s in our blood. We want a story we can tell our children, something magical and exciting. An Aries is looking for a partner that can handle the overbearing amount of love and the person who can give more than they are. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy our time alone, but most of the relationship will be about sharing quality time and creating romantic memories. So if you’re not the cute gesture/ lovey-dovey type person, maybe falling in love with an Aries just isn’t for you. 

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