Read This If You Think You’re Too Difficult To Love

“I’m mad because I love you.”

I know I can’t be the only one who has expressed those words heatedly after an argument.

To feel entirely bothered by your lover’s inability to see why something they forgot to do has suddenly become so important enough to light a fire up inside you. How something as simple as forgetting a date night can make you feel unloved and unappreciated enough to feel dejected and forsaken. To most, arguments wouldn’t arise from situations like these, but to those that love endlessly, even the slightest unmindful act can feel like a rejection.

One thing about me that I’m sure others can also relate to is that I love passionately and am easily upset when my relationship seems to fall off course, or things don’t go as planned. I say passionately, but aggressively may be more politically correct. I cry because I care, I’m mad because I love you, I love you, so I fight for you, the endless cycle of fighting to love you. 

I’m sure it’s quite confusing how the passionate ones are always the fighters, the one’s that care about the most simplistic moments enough to become easily agitated when things go wrong, the ones who will stay up all night contemplating how to fix what’s broken, desperately trying to heal the animosity that’s developed since the argument occurred. We argue about what may seem to be about useless topics, constantly nagging or overbearing about future endeavors of the relationship and love we can’t wait to build, our expectations exceedingly too high, our hopeless romantic side getting the best of us when reality makes its presence on stage, leaving us defeated with disappointment, feeling unappreciated when those we love do not match our level of devotion. 

We are quite a handful. The passionate ones, I mean—those with a generous, loving heart that never seizes to stop caring. Intense is a word that’s commonly used to describe our nature, but I don’t feel like it is an adjective that illustrates the better part of ourselves that we want the world to see.

Often I feel that we are misunderstood. We are labeled overbearing, maybe crazy, overzealous, and slightly clingy. Suddenly this generation has condemned love to something so casual and hollow, a superficial love leaving no room for us misfits to fit in, those who encompass waves of warmth longing for intimacy. 

But suppose we’re lucky enough to find someone, the one who loves with such intensity that can quench our desire for affection. We will always find a way to give in to our bleeding hearts and let our emotions get the best of us, enough to destroy it all. 

I understand it’s difficult to love those like myself, to take the time to appreciate our depth of emotions and comprehend the complexity of the love we have to give. 

But regardless of the challenges we bring, the passionate ones deserve to be loved the way that we love, a love that’s messy and ablaze, deep and tender, heartfelt and profound. 

We deserve to have the happy ending of our dreams, to latch onto those that bring us joy.

We deserve to feel appreciated and valued.

We deserve the world

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