25 Cute Date Ideas That Are Quarantine And Wallet Friendly

Almost everyone can agree that dates are a vital part of any relationship; dates are the opportunity to increase the chemistry and strengthen the bond between a couple, which molds them closer to each other. But dates can be expensive, and it is fair to say date ideas have significantly changed in respect to Covid. Here are some date ideas that are not only budget-friendly but can also be virtual to stay safe but still keep the spark alive:

  1. Mystery Case Files: For any crime tv binge watching couple, this one is for you. There are tons of “Unsolved Case File” games out there that give anyone the opportunity to bring out their inner detective. This mystery game is excellent for couples and can do a good job of testing your communication skills with your partner in crime. After all is finished, settle down with your partner, turn on some Netflix, and enjoy watching the real pros work. 
  1. Home Workout: Because the gyms are closed, home workout routines are the next best thing to stay healthy and in shape. But honestly, working out in the comfort of your own home with your best friend is probably the best-case scenario. Head over to Youtube, choose a routine that fits both of your styles, and get sweating!
  1. Rock Paper Scissors Eat: This 4-course TikTok date idea is a stomach ache waiting to happen but also is a fantastic opportunity to share unforgettable laughs with your loved one as well. Each round starts with a Rock Paper Scissors’ battle, and the winner gets to pick the place to eat; first drinks, appetizer, entree, and finally dessert.
  1. Spa Night: Ladies, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. When it’s your turn to pick date night, gather up your face masks, nail clippers, and everything and anything skincare. Your man might complain and say he’ll do it ONLY because he loves you, but trust me, every man secretly wants to be pampered too!
  1. Baking Competition: Just think about it, brownies + your boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe they make cookies. So brownies + cookies + boyfriend/girlfriend. Enough said.
  1. Coloring Book Competition: There’s always one creative person in the relationship and the other who is less likely to gravitate toward creative thinking, but that’s okay! Pick out some Jumbo coloring books at the store and design the perfect piece of artwork ever made. Facetime some friends to judge the art and count of the votes; the prize for winning can be anything. Get creative!
  1. Learn A Language Together: Learning a new language can be difficult but just like going to the gym, doing something difficult is best done in pairs! This idea is great for mixed culture couples and lends an opportunity to discover each other’s language and culture. The first thing on the list, learn how to say ‘I love you,’ and the effort will be very much appreciated. 
  1. Scour The Fridge & Get Cookin: We all have our lazy days when going grocery shopping for dinner just seems too much of a task. So why not make a date night out of the struggle? There are tons of websites out there that allow you to list all the ingredients you have in your refrigerator and give you tons of recipes to make with what you have. So grab your flour, salt, and significant other and get cooking!
  1. Make A Spotify Playlist & Dance Together: Almost every couple has a song, a song they listen to, and reminisce unforgettable memories of their relationship. Grab your SO and make a playlist of all the songs that define the beauty in your relationship. Dance to them and if you’re feeling bold, go ahead and sing to them too.
  1. Buy A Couples Workbook And Do Some Activities: Amazon has many couples’ workbooks to help any relationship get through rough patches. Maybe it’s a communication problem? Or an intimacy issue? Take some time to work through some activities to talk about it, pair it with dinner, and a funny comedy afterward. That’s a way to make those serious but needed conversations something to look forward to!
  1. Hiking: Even though it’s not recommended to gather in confined spaces right now, that doesn’t mean getting some fresh air in the deserted mountains/trails is against the rules. Be sure to mask up and keep social distancing but enjoy hanging out with nature a bit and remembering what it’s like to be at peace.
  1. Pick A Room And Redecorate: Pick any room, preferably an open room, where you can do some damage. Put your heads together and revamp it to your liking. Change the furniture; if you feel bold, maybe paint the walls a different color and add some LED lights. Make your living room something to make you smile, somewhere fun and exciting, especially since home is where we spend most of our time these days.
  1. Build An Epic Fort & Sleep In It: Speaking of moving furniture around, this date will require some manual labor. Imagine you’re back in your lego building days. You and your partner need to grab some sheets and chairs and construct the most magnificent structure ever known to man. Finally, add some pillows, pop some popcorn, and turn on a movie. Nothing better than bringing out your inner childhood and sharing it with your best friend!
  1. Movie Marathon: Take a moment to think about the last time you’ve sat down and watched all the Harry Potter movies back to back or may the Twilight Saga. Tonight lay back and relax with your loved one and binge-watch your favorite series. If you want to try and spice it up, maybe put on one of the worst movies you can think of (preferably comedy). You’ll be surprised that even though the film is close to awful, how much fun you both will have to laugh at the ridiculous acting. Just try it!
  1. Virtual Dinner Date: This is for the couples who are long-distance or maybe those who don’t live in the same household. Get on a Zoom call and Postmate dinner. You can make it fancy or laid back. It’s totally up to you. All that matters is you connect with your partner and share quality time; even if they aren’t in arms reach, it’s essential to have them still there. 
  1. Board Game/Online Gaming Night: This date can be in person but also virtual. Gather up some of your favorite board games along with snacks and some of your favorite drinks. You can play anything from Clue to CandyLand. If you both are more online gamers, then bust out your controllers and play Call of Duty or any game of your choice. 
  1. Deep Conversation Card Game: No matter how long you’ve known your partner, one can argue you never really know them unless you ask the right questions. Card games like “Were Not Really Stangers” formulate deep, thoughtful questions, so you don’t have to. This date idea allows you to be vulnerable with your SO and get to know them on a much deeper level. 
  1. Choose A Book For Eachother To Read & Talk About It: Although some people are less likely to enjoy reading than others, make reading fun by having your SO choose the book you’ll read. It obviously doesn’t have to be read in one day but after each chapter, talk about the book with your partner, what you like vs. what you didn’t. Afterward, swap books and see if you come to the same conclusions about the story as they did!
  1. Canvas Painting/Paint War: This date idea can be done in two ways; you can buy a canvas at any craft store or become the canvas. If the latter, put on some white shirts and fill up water balloons with paint. Enjoy going to war with your partner and seeing whose capable of staying the cleanest! If you’re not into that messy business, go ahead and get a canvas to paint portraits of each other. All art skills aside, you will probably laugh at your partner’s silly unrecognizable portrait of you. Keep these as memories for down the road!
  1. Make A Bucket List For After Quarantine: Covid has placed a massive restriction on livelihood and has seemed to put a damper on the possibilities of date night, but with all hopes high, soon we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Grab your partner and jot down things you want to do post-Covid. You’ll be surprised by how different your goals and wants are now in comparison to before quarantine. 
  1. Pull An All Nighter: Remember the nights our ten-year-old selves loved the idea of staying up all night watching George Lopez until sunrise? Any grown person would probably pay big bucks for just 2 minutes of sleep without the constant hassles of adulthood, so I can understand this date idea isn’t for everyone. But who said it still can’t be fun? Grab your SO and make staying awake a competition! Get a bucket of ice water, stock up on espresso, binge watch your favorite shows, do whatever it takes to last the full 24 hours. The loser that konks out first pays for the next date!
  1. Cuddles. Yes, Just Cuddles: Sometimes cuddles can be the only cure to a stressful day or difficult week and is, honestly, a perfect date idea on its own. Can anyone else think of something better than cuddling with warm blankets by a toasty fire with the love of your life, maybe with a cup of hot chocolate? I didn’t think so. 
  1. Blind Folded Taste Test: Get a whole bunch of foods, some easy like garlic and maybe some hard ones like different types of cheese. The possibilities are endless! Blindfold your SO and have them guess what you’ve given them. Finally, tally the points and establish what you’re playing for!
  1. Write A Letter For Your Partner On Your Wedding Day: This one is for couples in a more serious relationship and is most definitely not recommended as a first date idea. If you and your partner have discussed the concept of marriage, go ahead and craft a letter to them and add little things in the envelope that remind them of your story together. For example, maybe it’s a movie stub from your first date or a photo of your first picture together. Say whatever comes from your heart; trust me, this is a date you definitely will want to do for your future selves.
  2. TikTok Target Run: Almost everyone has seen the TikTok trend of a couple buying their boyfriend/girlfriend gifts according to a list of categories. Both of you mask up and head over to target and buy something with their favorite color, along with their favorite snack and something that reminds you of them. Bring it all home and show the gifts you both bought each other. According to TikTok videos, participating in the date may cause laughter and joy.

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